Srap Metal Drive
Text Box: RCT Scrap Metal Drive What to Bring

Bring your aluminum, brass, copper, electric motors, alternators, aluminum siding, cast iron, yard equipment and patio furniture too. Here is the details on what is acceptable and what is not;  

  Commercial & Industrial Scrap: Tin, Sheet Iron, Steel Conduit, Short Steel, Cast Iron, Long Steel, Mixed Steel, Guard Rails, Drums & Rotors, Plate & Structural Steel, Steel Studs

  Household Scrap: Washers, Hot water heaters, Bicycles, Dryers, Cabinets & Shelving, Furnaces, Lawn Mowers, Gas Grills, Batteries - auto only

We Do Not Want: NO - Hazardous waste of any kind, NO - Paint cans, oil filters, gas cans, NO - Radioactive waste of any kind, NO - Propane tanks, NO - Garbage, wood, concrete, plastic, NO - Household Batteries, NO - Tires, 55-gallon drums, NO - Fuel oil, motor oil, gasoline, NO  Microwaves, NO  Refrigerators, Freezers, A/C units, NO  Light Ballast, NO  Safes, NO - Chain link fence, wire rope or wire cable
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