Talent Competition




Stay At Home Talent Competition

Rome Community Theater (RCT) is sponsoring the Stay At Home Talent Competition. RCT will select the ultimate winner of a talent competition as voted on by the public watching a series of talent videos.

Entry Requirements:

Entrants can be any age and from any location.

There is no entry fee

General Instructions:

Entrants will submit a 3-5 minute video of their talent to coordinator John Parker (jparker3531@twcny.rr.com) by 11:59PM on September 1.   Along with the video the entrant will send their name and email to the coordinator.

Video will include a 30 second spoken introduction of the act.

Can be performed singularly or with a group.

RCT reserves the right to disqualify any video submitted which they judge to be distasteful.

Any questions on video format, method of transmission, recording tips or any other aspect of this contest should be sent to coordinator John Parker.


The ultimate winner of the finals for this contest will receive either $150 or an equivalent community theater ticket prize.

Viewing Instructions:   
Anyone desiring to view the produced videos and vote for their favorite act should send their name and email address to
jparker3531@twcny.rr.com by September 1.   Voting will be from the submitted email address only.   Viewing is expected to begin in September with the exact date to be announced.